30 days ago I went to Prague

I went to apply for a visa. It should take one-week to complete. They tried to convince me that I had to apply in the US. I pointed out that I don’t live there anymore. After some back and forth they took the application, just like they always do.

23 days ago I went to Prague

I went to pick my visa up. I was told it wasn’t ready. They decided they needed an address for me in the US even though I don’t live there. Despite having multiple contact methods for me, they waited until I was there in person to tell me. I had to go on a trip so I took my passport back. I said I’d return in 20+ days. They said the visa should be ready, printed, and just need to be affixed to my passport.

Today I went to Prague

I went to pick up my visa. Initially they told me I’d need to leave my passport and come back tomorrow. I told them I lived in Brno and asked if they could do it today, as promised. They said it wasn’t possible to issue the visa until at least 4 or 5 pm. It was 10 am. I said I’d wait.

Today I sat in Prague

At 12:15 pm they asked if I’d been told the visa wouldn’t be ready until 4. I smelled doubt. I said yes, but that I was from Brno so I had nowhere else to go. I said I’d wait. They looked nervous.

Today I was passive-aggressive in Prague

They knew I would sit there. They knew there was no reason not to issue the visa. They were scared. At 12:45 they issued the visa.