Fedora, CentOS and EPEL BoF

  • Event: Open Source Summit Japan

  • Submission Type: BoFs

  • Biography

    Brian Exelbierd has over 13 years of experience in IT/IS ranging from programming to team leadership and business roles. He has worked for non-profits, for-profits and government. Brian joined Red Hat in 2014 to work on platform technologies and containers. Brian is currently the Fedora Community Action & Impact Coordinate and has worked closely on the design and implementation of the Atomic Developer Bundle along with documentation and related tasks. You can follow him on Twitter as @bexelbie or online at www.winglemeyer.org

    Brian has spoken at several conferences, details are at www.winglemeyer.org/talks/

  • Biograph for co-speaker

    Brian Stinson - Systems Administrator (The CentOS Project)

    Brian spent the past few years practicing infrastructure work; most recently targeted at build/test infrastructure for the CentOS Project at Red Hat, and previously in academic-sector IT departments. Brian focuses on testing and delivering operating systems and the software projects that depend on them powered by the infrastructure at ci.centos.org You can find him on Twitter as @bstinsonmhk

  • Abstract

    The Fedora, CentOS and EPEL BoF will feature project leaders, senior members, and coordinators to answer questions AMA style and help community members and new participants join together for success. If you have an interest in where the world of Enterprise Linux is going and how to contribute to it, this is the session for you.

  • Audience

    Users and contributors interested in the Fedora Project, the CentOS Project, or the EPEL project and how they intersect, interact, and relate.

  • Experience Level: Any

  • Benefits to the Ecosystem

    These three projects work together to build the core of the Enterprise Linux family of distributions. This is a chance to see them side by side and learn how they relate, are similar and differ.

  • Technical Requirements: Audio appropriate for the room. Hand held mics preferred. No video required.