Fedora, CentOS and EPEL BoF

  • Event: LinuxCon + ContainerCon + CloudOpen China

  • Submission Type: BoFs

  • Biography

    Brian Exelbierd has over 13 years of experience in IT/IS ranging from programming to team leadership and business roles. He has worked for non-profits, for-profits and government. Brian joined Red Hat in 2014 to work on platform technologies and containers. Brian is currently the Fedora Community Action & Impact Coordinate and has worked closely on the design and implementation of the Atomic Developer Bundle along with documentation and related tasks. You can follow him on Twitter as @bexelbie or online at www.winglemeyer.org

  • Abstract

    The Fedora, CentOS and EPEL BoF will feature project leaders and coordinators to answer questions AMA style and help community members and new participants join together for success.

  • Audience

    Users and contributors interested in the Fedora Project, the CentOS Project, or the EPEL project and how they intersect, interact, and relate.

  • Experience Level: Any

  • Benefits to the Ecosystem

    These three projects work together to build the core of the Enterprise Linux family of distributions. This is a chance to see them side by side.

  • Technical Requirements: none