A slice of cake

Last week as the FCAIC I:

  • Lots of paperwork and finances. It’s fiscal year-end so it is important that we process as much of our planned spending as possible. Anything we don’t land on time has to come off the top of any budget we are allocated for next year. The fiscal year ends on 28 February.
  • Spent some time with a colleague, Pavel Valena, talking about ruby and how to implement AsciiDoc crossref support in AsciiBinder. The short version is that crossrefs break because of the way AsciiBinder calls AsciiDoctor. This calling sequence can’t be changed without destroying the value proposition of AsciiBinder, so we brainstormed ideas for how to work around it. I think we have a good plan, now to write some code.
  • Lots of one-on-one conversations queuing up cool stuff for the new year. Also lots of preparation for being out of town next week and solely focused on documentation.

À la mode

  • Occupational Health and Safety training is critical. Doing it with translated materials is challenging as they were translated but could not really be localized because of the heterogenous nature of the target audience.
  • Picked up my Czech equivalent of a W2. This was way more exciting to me than this sentence reads to you. :)
  • Attended my first concert of the year, Milky Chance, in Prague. I am not normally a fan of live music, so it was interesting to do this again.

Cake Around the World

I’ll be traveling some and hope you’ll ping me for coffee if you’re nearby. If your considering attending and want to collaborate on a talk, let’s … talk :).

  • Fedora Docs and Fedora Mindshare FADs from 26 February - 7 March in Seville, Spain and Bolzano, Italy
  • Red Hat Summit from 8-10 May in San Francisco, CA, USA
  • OSCAL from 19-20 May in Tirana, Albania
  • Open Source Summit Japan (OSS Japan) from 20-22 June in Tokyo, Japan
  • LinuxCon + ContainerCon + CloudOpen (LC3) from 25-27 June in Beijing, China
  • DevConf.us from 17-19 August in Boston, MA, USA
  • Open Source Summit Europe (OSS Europe) from 22-24 October in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Note: My attendance at a few of the events is still tenative, but I expect most will happen.