A slice of cake

Question: Should the FCAIC have office hours?

Many people seem to want to talk to me but I find out later were worried I was too busy. Would regular office hours help?

In the last weeks as the FCAIC I:

  • Attended DevConf.cz. The conference was crazy busy as usual but led to a lot of great conversations about Fedora. I hope the impact of those conversations will reflect in everything from participation in DevConf.in to new ideas for helping onboard contributors as well as better messaging for innovations in Fedora.
  • Attended the CommOps FAD. CommOps worked on issues related to the Metrics about our community, Fedora Appreciation Week and many others. Look for the round up blog post coming soon.
  • Attended Grimoire Con/CHAOSS Con. This one-day conference dived deep into the CHAOSS effort of the Linux Foundation to provide a solid base for gathering and understanding metrics about communities. We discussed software, including that which will be worked on by CommOps, and the meaning of metrics during the first half. The second half was a series of workshops that several Fedorans attended and will be posting about. I must admit to missing the workshops as I had the opportunity to catch up with my predecessor, Remy DeCausemaker, and discuss some open loops related to being the FCAIC.
  • Attended FOSDEM. I had the privilege of helping Brian Stinson from CentOS run the Distributions DevRoom. There were some great talks there, including several which raised good questions for us to explore in FOSDEM. The balance of my time was spent in 1:1 and small group meetings strategizing about the upcoming year.

À la mode

  • I did not get the DevConf/FOSDEM Flu!!