If this was any fresher off the press, it’d be a flatcake.

A slice of cake

Last week as FCAIC I:

  • The Fedora Council FAD report really is posting this week! Look for it on the Fedora Community Blog.
  • GSoC applications closed on Monday so I’ve been dealing with last minute wiki access requests and then preparing everything for student selection.
  • I wrote a PO requisition … and it wasn’t horrible. It’s exciting that Fedora is a sponsor for the openSUSE conference.
  • Lots of exciting email between the Fedora Community Treasurers, Credit Card holders, and me. The budget files should be updated soon.

A la Mode

I also made some personal progress doing:

  • I learned that the České dráhý, the Czech rail company, has an online store that won’t sell group tickets for more than 6 people directly. You also can’t buy more than 5 people on a group ticket at the window. WEIRD!
  • I was able to find a taxi company in Zaječí online despite not being able to spell Zaječí twice in a row the same way.

Cake Around the World

I’ll be traveling to:

  • Back to Beantown (Boston, MA USA) for Red Hat Summit from 2-5 May. If you’re in the neighborhood, you know the deal.
  • Community Leadership Summit in Austin, TX from 6-7 May and OSCON is also in Austin, TX from 8-12 May. I may have to leave on 12 May early for …
  • OSCAL in Tirana, Albania from 13-14 has accepted a talk proposal from me (eep!) so definitely come and give me some audience love.