Two weeks of cake - oh my!

A slice of cake

This week as FCAIC I:

  • I did some work with GSoC Mentors for Fedora so I could get them added to the application review system.
  • My team at Red Hat, the community focused Open Source and Standards (OSAS) team had a face-to-face team meeting. It was awesome to hang out with my colleages as most of us are remote. Our sessions were informative and it was great to be in the room with so many experienced community and technical people. I have so much to learn!
  • I’ve been worked to backfill and assist the Ambassador Regions with reimbursements and payments.
  • The Fedora Council FAD happened from 26-28 March in Grand Rapids, MI, USA. There is a larger post on the outcomes coming soon.

A la Mode

I also made some personal progress doing:

  • Not catching horrible illnesses while traveling and being in lots of flying metal tubes! Unfortunately, it is now allergy season.

Cake Around the World

I’ll be traveling to:

  • Red Hat Czech Republic’s Open House is on 5 April Brno, Czech Republic. While I won’t be traveling, you can still say ‘hi’ if you drop in.
  • Back to Beantown (Boston, MA USA) for Red Hat Summit from 2-5 May. If you’re in the neighborhood, you know the deal.
  • Community Leadership Summit in Austin, TX from 6-7 May and OSCON is also in Austin, TX from 8-12 May. I may have to leave on 12 May early for …
  • OSCAL in Tirana, Albania from 13-14 has accepted a talk proposal from me (eep!) so definitely come and give me some audience love.