The who in the where?

On 3 October I officially1 started my new role as the Fedora Community Action and Impact Coordinator2 (abbreviated to FCAIC, pronounced “F-cake”).

The job is like many other roles called “Community Manager” or “Community Lead.” That means there is a focus on metrics and experiences. One role is to try ensure smooth forward movement of the project towards its goals. Another role is to serve as a source of information and motivation. Another role is as a liaison between the project and significant downstream and sponsoring organizations.

In Fedora, this means I help the Fedora Project Leader. I try to be the yen to his yang, the zig to his zag, or the right hand to his right elbow. In all seriousness, it means that I work on a lot of the non-engineering focused areas of the Fedora Project. While Matthew has responsibility for the project as a whole I try to think about users and contributors and be mechanics of keeping the project running smoothly.

Read more over at the Fedora Magazine where this was originally posted.

  1. I’ve been doing a some work since September trying to familiarize myself with parts of Fedora where I have contributed and queuing things up for my start. 

  2. What a mouthful. I abbreviate it F-CAIC and pronounce it F-Cake. I often write it as F-🎂 because emoji thingies make me feel young. You’ll find random references to the position as FCL or Fedora Community Lead in various project documentation. If you’d help me out by correcting those as you see them, I’d be appreciative. The change is not really a change. This is the actual title that was approved by the Council and I also feel like a well established community like Fedora doesn’t need a community leader, but a coordinator would be very helpful.