I’ve received some happiness packets. The folks over at Happiness Packets don’t choose to make user/archive pages as it doesn’t fit with their goals.

I tend to believe that anonymity is important to offer and preserve. I also think we should try to be as open as possible and to own our successes and our misses. I don’t delete writing I am not proud of, though I do reserve the right to add clarifying notes and context.

In the same spirit, I am going to list these here. Along those lines, I am not listing packets I have sent as the recipient can choose whether they are published or not.

Friday July 21, 2017 - The sender of this message asked to remain anonymous.

Fedora logoIt’s hard to keep with everything you’re doing, because it seems like you almost have a presence everywhere and that you’re managing so many things well, all at once! Even if it’s part of your day job, the passion you put into your work and the Fedora community really stands out. Looking at how Flock planning has happened this year, everything seems a little more organized than before as far as communication goes. While I know you’d argue that it’s a team effort and a lot of folks are involved, I know that you yourself have not played a small role in this.

I really appreciate all of this work that you’re doing and putting into the Fedora community. It really shows and has an impact on the day-to-day open source lives of so many other contributors. Thanks for everything you do. I’m happy we have people like you in our community.

Friday April 14, 2017 - You received a Happiness Packet from Rafal Luzynski ([email protected]).

Fedora logoThank you for being such a crazy guy and having this idea to bring 200 other the same crazy gals and guys straight into my neighborhood to make the greatest Open Source conference in the world.

Tuesday April 11, 2017 - You received a Happiness Packet from Amita ([email protected]).

Fedora logoHonestly Bex, your first impression was not so good for me. I thought you are way too straight forward. But more I started working with you in Open Source world, more I started understanding your work style. You are an amazing contributor who is capable of addressing very challenging issues in Open Source and Fedora. With your great amount of knowledge and fast learning capabilities, within a short amount of time, you have not left any area of Fedora untouched. I see you handling very hot topics with an ease in different Fedora meetings. You are an awesome contributor whom I look at as a very senior and experienced person. I learn a lot from you. I wish to work with you more closely in future, under your wings in Fedora. Thanks for taking initiatives and changing things for right in Fedora. I wish more strength and power to you all the time so that you will never go away from Fedora :)

Sunday October 16, 2016 - The sender of this message asked to remain anonymous.

Fedora logoYou have worn many hats in open source over the years, not just as a contributor, but also as a mentor. I put a lot of high value into your thought-out opinions and insights. You have a unique and open-minded way of thinking about things, in open source and personal things alike. I’m thankful that we have people like you in open source communities to build better software and also to build better communities. We’re lucky to have someone like you around. Thanks for all you have done and keep on doing amazing things.

Note: The happiness packet envelope is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license by HappinessPackets.io