Building Applications Doesn’t Mean Writing It All From Scratch

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Talk Description

In school we are taught to write everything. Modern applications are built on the backs of great frameworks, let’s explore the process. This talk-shop will walk students through the process of growing an idea from a seed into a full fledged application while focusing on leveraging existing frameworks and code as much as possible. The example will be based on a proposed documentation publishing system for Fedora. The concept grows from “Publish AsciiDoc” to have an automatically publishing container based pipeline for maintaining a documentation website. Technologies used will mostly include: AsciiDoc, AsciiDoctor, AsciiBinder, OpenShift, and Jenkins.


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Speaker Bios

Brian Exelbierd

Brian Exelbierd works is the Fedora Community Coordinator and has a background in Higher Education and IT/Engineering. Follow him @bexelbie

Brian (bex) Exelbierd is the Fedora Community Action and Impact Coordinator on behalf of the Open Source and Standards team at Red Hat. At Red Hat, Brian has worked as a technical writer, software engineer, content strategist and now as an Open Source community manager. Brian spends his day enabling the Fedora community by clearing road blocks and easing the way for the community to do great things. Before Red Hat, Brian worked with the University of Delaware as the Director of Graduate and Executive Programs in the Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics and as a Budget Analyst. Brian’s background in software engineering stretches back years before his university work and includes stints at small, medium, large and governemental organizations. “Glue Code” is how a lot of Brian’s projects could be described. These are projects that fill in the interstitial spaces between large systems and provide continuity and ease of use. Follow him on Twitter @bexelbie or via his blog at